Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids are marvelous technological instruments.  Contained within their small frames are among the most sophisticated pieces of continuously functioning sound technology created to date.  Even with the best of efforts and care, these wondrous little gadget do end up needing repairs from time to time.  Perhaps you are experiencing one of the following:  

  • upon troubleshooting the hearing aids at home (hearing aid is turned on, volume is up, etc.), the hearing aids still do not work
  • you hear a whistling noise or excess feedback
  • their is visible damage to the hearing aid, such as cracks or holes
  • the tubes or wires of certain behind the ear styles are worn or damaged

If you are experiencing any such issue, schedule an appointment with your FOCUS Audiology hearing aid specialist to diagnose and repair the broken instrument.  The audiologists at FOCUS Audiology are well trained to make minor repairs and re-calibrations to hearing aids rather quickly.  This can save you both money as well as time without the hearing aids.  However, in certain instances the damage may require the manufacturer to fix, and in these scenarios the hearing aids will need to be shipped out to the manufacturer for repair.  Your audiologist will be able to tell you approximately how long it will take to get them back from the manufacturer and will also help you discover any associated costs if your aids are not under warranty. 

If you have hearing aids that were originally not fitted in our office, you can schedule an appointment with our audiologist and they will see you for an appointment, clinically assess you, and investigate your hearing aid issue.  Our hearing aid specialists can service most brands, and they will be able to determine if your hearing aid can be fixed in-office or if they need to be shipped to the manufacturer.  Your FOCUS Audiology hearing professional will give you in-depth information regarding your hearing aid repair process.