Hearing Aid Evaluation

Hearing Aid Evaluations

Do you need Hearing Aids?

The hearing aid evaluation process begins with your audiologist performing a hearing evaluation so understand exactly what type of hearing loss you are suffering from.  During this process the audiologist will take a complete medical history, understand your use of medications, learn how your social and family dynamics have been impacted by your hearing loss, examine your ear with an otoscope, note your symptoms, and determine if other ear-related symptoms such as tinnitus (ringing) or vestibular (dizziness) issues are present.  From here, a battery of tests will be performed so to complete a comprehensive hearing evaluation.  

Signs of Hearing Loss

You may suspect that you are suffering from hearing loss if you are experiencing symptoms such as:

  • Challenges holding conversation in semi-noisy environments like restaurants.
  • People often appearing to be mumbling.
  • People often need to repeat themselves when conversing with you.
  • Inability to hear people well when they do not directly face you. 
  • Ringing in your ears.

The hearing aids Process

Once your audiologist reviews your hearing evaluation results with you, they may refer you to an ENT physician so to further discuss your hearing condition and treatment options from a physician’s perspective while gathering the appropriate physician referral that may be needed for the dispensing of hearing aids.  Herein, if medications and surgical options are ruled out based on your specific condition, and hearing aids are considered the best course of action, you will be referred back to your audiologist to select the hearing aid that is best for you.

Hearing aids may be recommended for one or both ears if permanent hearing loss is determined by your audiologist and/or ENT physician.  The nature of sounds you are unable to hear, and what hearing aids can do for you will be discussed by your audiologist.  You will get to see and discuss various hearing aids, and your audiologist will help you select the best hearing aid for you based on style, calibre, and features that will overcome the challenges stemming from your particular hearing loss while suiting your lifestyle and finances. 

Upon you finalizing your decision on which hearing aid you’d like to purchase, you audiologist will take earmold impressions of your ears if you selected customized hearing aids.  Next, the hearing aid manufacturer will then receive your order from your audiologist and ship the hearing aids to the audiologist.  Once received, the audiologist will program your hearing aids according to your specific diagnostic needs.  You should expect this whole process to take several weeks after you have had your hearing evaluation completed. 

The FOCUS Audiology Advantage

The advantage of working with Nova Audiology is that it is a division of Potomac ENT – a comprehensive Ear, Nose & Throat medical practice staffed by top-rated ENT physicians in the Northern Virginia region, and we have ENT physicians immediately available for you to schedule your appointment and meet with during your very same visit as your hearing evaluation.  The advantages of working with a combined medical practice that has audiologists staffed with ENTs is very clear:

  • Saves you a significant amount of time
  • Prevents you from having multiple appointments and taking time off of work or school
  • Enables you to streamline insurance approval for needed referrals
  • Establishes an immediate continuity of care
  • Provides you with answers to your questions comprehensively
  • Streamlines and quickens the process for you to actually receive your hearing aids