Earmolds | Earplugs

Earmolds | Earplugs

Earmolds and Earplugs

Among the most prominent reasons for hearing loss are sudden or prolonged exposure to loud noise.  Unfortunately, hearing loss stemming from prolonged exposure to noise is generally recognized only after the hearing loss has already become permanent.  It is thus imperative that appropriate hearing protection wear be utilized in work or personal environments that create high-volume noise.  

Construction workers, factory workers, airline personnel, wood workers, emergency vehicle personnel (ambulance team, fire fighters, police, etc.), and musicians are but a few of the many, many key examples of professions and individuals regularly exposed to high-levels of noise that can result in hearing loss without the right protection.  If you find yourself in loud environments regularly, talk to an audiologist immediately; do not wait to get the right protection for your ears. Some examples of items that result in hearing loss due to the dangerously high decibels of noise they produce include:  lawn mowers, trains,  trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, vehicles with sirens, guns, chain saws, pneumatic drills, rock concerts, etc. 

To protect against hearing loss, you have a few options.  You may either get store-bought earplugs for some protection, or you may opt to truly protect your ears fully and properly with custom earmolds and custom earplugs developed by professional audiologists, specifically for your ears.  At FOCUS Audiology, our custom earmold and custom earplugs designed specifically for you provide you with the sense of security knowing that your hearing is maximally protected from hearing loss.

Custom Earplugs

Earplugs typically fit in the ear canal and may either have a solid construction or be designed to enable some sound to come through.  Professionals including emergency responders with dispatch orders, musicians, and surgeons in noisy operating rooms, may opt to get custom earplugs that enable sounds to get through for communication purposes while still offering protection to their ears.  Unrelated to hearing loss, swimmers may also opt for custom earplugs to prevent water inflow in the ear canal.  


Custom Earmolds

There are a multitude of variants for designing custom earmolds, which are generally constructed as either solid or soft and either full shell for high-noise exposure or half shell for mid-noise exposure.  Custom earmolds are fitted to your ear’s individual contours, and are often used when custom earplugs do not provide you with a comfortable fit.  Because of the vast variety of possible earmolds constructs, working with a professional audiologist is imperative in selecting the right earmold for you.  For example, certain earmolds may have electronic attenuators to enable noise while protecting the ears (a musician may enjoy this type), and others may be designed to fit under headsets (airplane pilots may prefer this style).

Regardless of your profession or reason for exposure to loud noises, protecting your hearing is vital to your wellbeing.  Schedule an appointment with an audiologist today to protect your hearing and discuss the best options available for you, including options for custom earplugs and custom earmolds.  This is especially critical if you have recently been and/or are regularly exposed to loud noise.  Establishing solutions with an audiologist for hearing loss prevention and early detection of hearing loss can save your hearing.